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You’re Kidding,Right….

So it’s 10 a.m and time to wake Daddy up to go to the doctor for some blood work. The appointment is 11:30 so we should make it with ease.  I have learned over time that it is better not … Continue reading

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You Put Me Here

An old Middle Eastern riddle ask ,” What animal crawls in the morning,walks upright in the daytime,and walks on three legs at night ?” The answer is man. Morning being a reference to our days as a baby,daytime obviously when … Continue reading

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Paws In Heaven

I wonder , as I’m sure many do , what really is waiting on the other side ? I know it will be glorious. But as I watch my fathers decline in this world I can not but imagine what … Continue reading

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Stay with him until I get there.These are the words my brother spoke to me on the phone after his son had been air lifted to a hospital with head trauma he received in an auto accident.He knew without doubt … Continue reading

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The Hazing

I had just arrived at Ft. Bragg about an hour ago. Standing in my room in the barracks , looking out the window I had never felt so alone. An unexpected knock brought me back from my pity party. I … Continue reading

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Angels And Blessings

In a previous post , A Tenuous Thread , I described some of the experiences during the four days after my nephew was in a serious automobile accident. While immersed in drama and trauma it is difficult sometimes to see … Continue reading

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And The World Smiled

I wrote this some time ago but an obituary in the local paper brought it to mind. I thought I would throw out again in memory.   I worked at a psychiatric hospital in high school assisting insane doctors giving … Continue reading

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