morning with mom

A few days ago I was sitting at the table with Dad while Mom was flittering around the house doing Mom stuff. Mom stuff usually involves cooking or chemicals. The chemicals should be expounded upon because they are of particular importance. You see Mom has C.O.P.D. and it takes a toll on this woman in particular because she is constantly working. She walks fast and works hard.

She is also eighteen years into a fifteen year heart valve donated , grudgingly i’m sure , by some unfortunate pig.It’s a good thing she isn’t a Muslim or Jewish. I wonder what they use ? Anyway , the smell of cleaning chemicals was prevalent throughout the house and Mom was struggling for breath. I suggested she sit down and rest. I try to lead by example by sitting and resting as much as possible but she  just doesn’t seem to be catching on . Maybe I need to sit harder.

Mom tells me she is going to her room and relax and call some of her friends . After a minute she is right back flying through the kitchen chasing her breath . It seems she can’t find the phone book and has turned her room “upside down ” looking for it .Though I hate to be interrupted in the middle of my sitting and resting workout I got up and went to her room to search for the phone book .

The first thing I did was move the phone book off of her desk so I could look underneath papers that she was working on at the time. Not seeing another phone book in the room , besides the one in plain sight , I took it with me back to the kitchen and told her this was the only one I could find .

“Well it must have been in your room because I searched mine.” She returned to her room to call her friends and I returned to my workout . Somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 to 45 seconds she again is a blur moving through the kitchen . ” What’s wrong mom ?”

” I can’t find my personal phone book and I want to call Dana .” .

“Who’s Dana ”

“Dana Rigsby. The lady at church with Parkinson’s .”

“Look her up in the regular book”

“I can’t, ” she responds ,” I can’t remember her last name ! ”


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