The Door

I woke with a start
bathed in sweat from the dream
Slowly I looked around silently I screamed

Surrounded by walls, no windows or doors
A low ceiling above
and below cold stone floors

What is this place?
What have I done?
How will I escape
to where will I run?

How long have I been here?
when can I  leave?
I can see no way out
so I sit naked and grieve

With my head hanging low
my knees pulled up to my chest
I beg my sweet Jesus to just let me rest

I told Him I deserve to be here for my many sins
then a door appeared , opened
and the Son shined in.

He reached out and touched me
and dried my tears
I was filled with warmth
and empty of fear

I was so grateful to be free
I thanked Him again
He said , ” child I didn’t get you out
You let Me in.”

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6 Responses to The Door

  1. says:


  2. terry1954 says:

    oh my ,,,,,,,,,,,this just tore at my heart. it is so beautiful…….I absolutely love this. You are full of talent my friend

  3. kim sargent says:

    ❤ such a way with words!

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