Angels And Blessings

In a previous post , A Tenuous Thread , I described some of the experiences during the four days after my nephew was in a serious automobile accident. While immersed in drama and trauma it is difficult sometimes to see how fortunate we truly are. Luck ? I think not. Divine intervention ? You decide.

The accident occurred on a rural dirt road miles from any type of medical facility. Four teenagers driving to fast not wearing seat belts. This road is not particularly heavily traveled so the fact that an on coming motorist witnessed the car flip over three times is amazing. The motorist immediately dialed 911 and then went to the car to render aid.My nephew was unconscious while the other three boys where unhurt. When my nephew , Gabriel , regained consciousness he told the good samaritan to call his neighbor because his parents were out of town.

Within ten minutes of the accident the first responders arrived. Among them was an EMT who happened to be the uncle of the boy driving the car. He assessed Gabriels injuries and made the decision to have a helicopter come to the site. This man may have saved Gabriels life with that decision. He chose to bypass the local hospital , which is not equipped for serious head and neck trauma , and have him flown directly to a hospital in Atlanta saving valuable hours or even days for the proper treatment.

Gabes parents were in Maine for the week celebrating their thirtieth wedding anniversary. Needless to say they were frantic with worry. Upon arrival at the hospital we were directed to a waiting room outside the ICU where we noticed a solitary woman apparently waiting for word on a loved one. Striking up a conversation with this lady we find out that she is the mother of the driver of the car that Gabe was riding in and also that her son was being treated at the local hospital for an injury to his arm ! When asked why she was not with her own son at the hospital she told us that Gabe was like one of her children and that she knew his parents were out of town. She said she felt like her husband could stay with their child and she could be here for Gabe.

About that time I got a call from my brother who was stuck at an airport in New York. They were on the plane ready for take-off when they were forced to disembark because a bird had flown into the engine. What else could possibly go wrong? Nothing. They made it to the hospital in time to see their son before he had life saving brain surgery.

While standing and talking to my brother I asked if he knew how blessed he was.He could have been in that jet at three thousand feet when that bird flew into the engine causing it to crash and killing everyone on board. He could have been on his way home to make funeral arrangements for his seventeen year old son instead of watching him go into surgery. Gabe could have lain in that field for an hour before a motorist passed and called 911. He could have gone to that small hospital if the EMT had not called for a helicopter. While running down the list of blessings for my brother his surgeon walked up and smiled. He patted my brother on the shoulder and told him not to worry. He said.” my name is Michael and I will be with Gabriel. Nothing can go wrong with Michael and Gabriel in the same room working together.”

Divine intervention ? You decide.

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2 Responses to Angels And Blessings

  1. kim sargent says:

    Oh yes…it was all right on time! God has a way with that! What an awesome God we serve!❤

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