You’re Kidding,Right….

So it’s 10 a.m and time to wake Daddy up to go to the doctor for some blood work. The appointment is 11:30 so we should make it with ease.  I have learned over time that it is better not to tell him about appointments the night before or we stay awake all night getting ready. Either literally or in his dreams,which will require my participation. This time it seemed to backfire.

I could not wake him up no matter how loud I talked or how much I shook him so I enlisted the help of my mother. I don’t believe I could adequately describe my mothers voice when she tries to talk loud. It reaches a pitch that only dogs can hear and they don’t like it. Anyway it worked and Daddy was wide awake with a bewildered “what the hell is going on look” on his face.

Getting him dressed was a lot more difficult than normal because he didn’t have a clue what was going on. I got his undies off and put fresh ones on. Then his jeans and and his shoes. It’s 10:30 now I think we’re going to make it. Stand him up and pull everything up. Sit him down and mom’s going to give him his medicine while I pick out a shirt and jacket.

Hold everything! Spill alert! Somehow the drink was spilling out of the glass on to the old mans lap instead of down his throat. OK. Let’s take off the shoes ,stand him up ,pull off his jeans and start over. We put on dry jeans,shoes ,stand up ,pull up and we’re done. We get the shirt and jacket on move to the wheelchair and we’re out the door.

Putting Daddy in the passenger seat was a lot more difficult than usual because he still wasn’t sure what the hell was going on.Finally. I put the wheelchair in the trunk,look at the clock on my phone and it is 11:05. We are going to make it! I shut the trunk with a sigh of relief and what do I see but Daddy with the door open and one leg out!

“What are you doing!?

“I got to pee…”


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3 Responses to You’re Kidding,Right….

  1. Bonnie says:

    That was great Eddie. Always enjoy your sense of humor. Humorous but dignified.

  2. Kim Sargent says:

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