What’s The Worst That Could Happen

The other night , around 11p.m. , I was trying to doze off when I heard my father shout in his sleep. I sat straight up and wide eyed not knowing what was wrong. Then again he shouted,” SOUND OFF!!”

I jumped out of bed and ran to his bed and started to ask what was wrong when again,”SOUND OFF DAMMIT! ONE , TWO ,THREE….” So I chimed in FOUR , FIVE….

We are both veterans and I knew what he was dreaming about so I did my part to fill in the rest. This happens a lot and it is always fun to role play in Tata’s dreams.They are always exciting.

Last Saturday my brother spent the day and the night with us and that was nice having someone around to talk to. Daddy , we call him Tata , is always here of course but with his Parkinson’s and dementia he is not quiet the conversationalist he used to be. Laying in bed Saturday night , though I started having some worrisome thoughts about my brother sleeping in the other room.

You see my brother is a sleep walker. He has been all his life. We first realized this when we were about fifteen and sixteen years old. I was sitting in the den with our mother and father when he walked in to the adjoining laundry room , opened the dirty clothes hamper and promptly peed on the clothes.

We just stood there dumb founded. When he was through he closed the hamper , shut the door and went back upstairs to bed. He has told me that he has woken up out in the middle of his pecan grove not knowing how he got there.He said his most disturbing episode was waking up staring at the wall in his great room drinking a glass of chocolate milk. I asked why that bothered him more than any of the others and he said it was because they do not keep chocolate milk in the house!!!

So now you know why I was a little concerned. What would happen if my brother sleep walks into one of Tata’s dreams?! Would they argue in their sleep? And what the hell do I do if it happens? What if Tata dreams about driving a car like he has done in the past? Will my brother try to take him for a ride in his sleep? And where in the hell did the chocolate milk come from?

I finally convinced myself I was over reacting. I mean really , what’s the worst that could happen.

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7 Responses to What’s The Worst That Could Happen

  1. Traci says:

    My dad has dementia, and it’s really healthy if you can find any humor buried in the situations the disease creates.

  2. O h you are so right. We really do the best we can and the byproduct of this terrible disease is I have some priceless memories. Most of what I write is about our life and his impending death.

  3. Oh, I’m so glad you could find the funny side in this. Why can’t people do useful things when they sleep-walk, like actually do the laundry?!
    I hope all went well and you had a peaceful night’s sleep – all of you!

  4. That moment you shared with your father was touching. I fill in my husbands dreams as well. He doesn’t know it either it’s a secret!

    • There have been so many moments like that. The majority of what I write about has to do with care giving for my father. I love him dearly

      • Well it’s an angelic thing you do. I would have liked to care for my parents as they age but I’m not able to fulfill my duties as a daughter. It’s hard work but it’s rewarding and your very wise to blog about it. MANY people go through this and very few are brave enough to share. Thank you.

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