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Sunset paints the sky red Fade to black the day is dead Diamonds on velvet black as night Hole in the sky Full moon is bright Nightmares and dreams Are what sleep brings Demons and screams And angels on wing … Continue reading

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The passing of time is said to heal all wounds. I have found this to be false. The passing of time , for me , just seems to build a compartment in my mind where the hurt can be stored. … Continue reading

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Where I must go I must go alone It is a world away yet I never leave home I wish you could come so you could see what I see The forest and the lake I call Tranquility I close … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday…Again. This has become a day of great debate for myself. On one hand I long for the fellowship and companionship of going to church. On the other I simply can’t see myself walking in and scaring the hell … Continue reading

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Full Circle

It is certainly interesting , to say the least , the way life plays out. So many things seem to be destined or connected that it is difficult not to believe in some greater design. Just in my life I … Continue reading

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Let It Rain

There is something beautiful and comforting about rain to me. The rhythmic sound of the rain drumming on the roof or pelting against the windows. The heavy smell of rain in the air prior to  a shower is almost heady … Continue reading

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