Let It Rain

There is something beautiful and comforting about rain to me. The rhythmic sound of the rain drumming on the roof or pelting against the windows. The heavy smell of rain in the air prior to  a shower is almost heady and certainly aromatic.

At one time in my life , some thirty years ago , I lived in the woods for months at a time doing forestry work for private companies. It was like going back in time two hundred years. A time that I think I would feel more comfortable in than the current one in which I find myself  trapped.

Life was so simple and beautiful. I lived and worked on a mountain in Tennessee for several months , living in a tent ,cooking meals on an open fire , working on the mountain with my loyal dog Conan.

Every morning after breakfast and before the sunrise Conan and I would climb the mountain to go to work. Chainsaw strapped to my back and water jugs cinched to my waist we would climb.

At a certain point we would stop and sit down to rest and every morning we were afforded the best seats in the house to a glorious spectacle. All we could see were the tops and peaks of other mountains. The mist filled the valleys like a sea and only the mountain tops were visible. It looked as if you could walk or swim to the neighboring peaks.

At night , exhausted from the day , we would cook our meals clean our areas and lay back and talk about “what ifs”. The dogs , with their appetites sated , would lay around the fire or curl up with their owners and doze warmed and comforted by the contact.

Nothing can compare with the sound of the rain in the woods. It is musical. It is a tranquilizer .It comes through the trees with the light sound of a cymbal and drums against your shelter. When it is over there is the fresh smell of the earth that can not be captured or bought or sold anywhere else. The prisms of color through the droplets clinging to the leaves abound and everywhere you look you see the power and the beauty of the Creator.

When a job was finished and I would come back to civilization I was lost. My mother would always invite me to church with her knowing I had not had an opportunity to attend an organized service. I would try to explain to her that  I worked in church every day. Not in a church of mortar and stone made by man but in Gods church untouched by man.

That is were I always have felt and do still feel closest to God. The woods. The mountains.I have worked and lived in places so remote and pristine the animals did not run from you.They considered you part of nature and I was proud to be conceived in that light.

Well , I am too old now to climb those mountains like I did , though I would still try given the opportunity. So I look wistfully to the woods and smell the heavy scent in the air recognizing the familiar scent and think to myself , let it rain.

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11 Responses to Let It Rain

  1. Marie Taylor says:

    Beautiful. I also have a deep feeling for the woods and mountains and spent many wonderful days roaming with my dog. Although I feel blessed to have had them, I also regret that they are gone for good. Keep writing. Marie

    • Thank you for reading. I long for those days but I am so glad to have had them. I have seen too many people wait for retirement to do the things I have done only to find out they are restricted by their physical limitations. I did everything I could think of until my son was born. So at thirty years of age I cut my hair , got a job behind a desk and road it for the next twenty years.

  2. Judy Kitchens says:

    You have a real talent for writing, this post gives me visions of a fiction novel based on your character living in the woods working for the forestry industry. Regardless you use your words to make your readers see what you saw/see, wonderful job!

    • What a great idea! I started writing a book today and I have an idea for another one. But I love the idea of bringing a character to life in this setting. Thank you for reading and thank you having the confidence in me to make a suggestion like that!

  3. Zen Doe says:

    You were kind enough to post a comment on my freshly pressed blog yesterday. That’s how I followed you here. Been reading your work. I absolutely love your writing voice. Please, please keep writing! This piece is just gorgeous.

  4. This was so beautiful.

    When I am out amongst the trees and grasses, or watching the rain send the world a slightly darker shade of itself, I feel more at peace than in any other setting.

    Thank you for sharing this. I really loved this piece.

  5. Kim says:

    Thaat was enlightening! Thank you for sharing that!❤

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