A Fathers Day Card

My mother found this card in some of their paperwork and gave it to me. I don’t know what year it was written. I don’t even remember writing it. Daddy was a man who lived life with a purpose and relaxation really wasn’t a part of that. The card actually is not a Fathers Day card but it said what I was trying to say. The author of the card is John Gray.

                                           The card

         I do not have to make over the universe ; I have only 

         To do my job , great or small , and to look often at the trees

         And the flowers and the fields , and be friendly with everyone

                                               John Gray

What I wrote to my father , whose name is Eddie , follows. I am also Eddie.



I couldn’t really find any cards that I liked pertaining to Fathers Day. I got you this one because it seems to me you need it. Take what it says to heart Ed and relax some.The world won’t turn any faster no matter how hard you pedal so just sit back sometimes and enjoy the ride. Life has a got a beautiful view ; all you have to do is take the time to walk to the window.

I love you,


He never did learn to relax until Parkinson’s sat him down. Maybe he knew what was ahead before anyone else. I don’t know.

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8 Responses to A Fathers Day Card

  1. terry1954 says:

    in a way it is good he was always on the go because later in life he did have to slow down. I still have the last Christmas Card my dad bought me. He bought it at the end of November but never got the chance to sign it. I treasure it so much

  2. The world won’t turn any faster no matter how hard you pedal! Beautiful note I hope he valued it. Even if he didn’t I did!

  3. Powerful post brother!!! I worked 7 days a week, prior to parky and chronic foot pain. My kids wanted me to take off sometimes, but I kept trucking. Well, now I’m home all the time!! So I treasure my time with my family, while fighting the beast. Be blessed brother.

  4. Beautiful words, both yours and the author’s.

    And words similar to those I’d like my mother to read…
    She’s in about the same shape as my 80 year old grandmother, who has just had a hip replacement (and is now probably doing better than mum).

    However, like you, perhaps I just need to realise that my mother will not give up [work], despite doctors’ orders, and all I can really do is be here to support her when it all gets too much.

    • There is no greater gift that you can give than your support. And in time you will have a treasure trove of memories to carry you through life. I already know that you are a strong woman. It will be tough at times but it is well worth it. Be well.

  5. Kim says:

    Beautifully said!❤

  6. Kim says:

    Happy heavenly Father’s day to your dad…That is awesome!!!

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