What follows happened today.

I was standing at the kitchen sink pouring myself a glass of tea and looking out of the window that looks into the neighbors back yard. I could hear screaming and the sounds of a dog fight. This is not an unusual occurrence unfortunately. The neighbors are the most irresponsible , insane , pet owners you would not want to meet. Their pet of choice are pit bulls.

Over the years I have watched these dogs fight each other to the death. I have called the police and animal control and been told no crime has been committed so there was nothing they could do. Needless to say the neighbors and I are on less than speaking terms.

When I looked out the window I saw there seventy eight year old maid in a panic

screaming ,” Get the dog! Get the dog!”

She was talking to the owner of the dog who was bent over and bouncing around shouting NO! At first glance I thought they had another dog in the back yard and I just shook my head. The pit bull was dragging it around , lurching with all of its weight and shaking its head. That’s when I saw the hands and feet.

This was not a dog! This animal had a child and when it shook it I could see the arms and legs flailing in the air! I was out the door and across the yard without thinking. They keep their gate locked but I hit it running full speed and God and my six foot three hundred pounds opened the gate.

What I saw I’m still trying to process. I have seen a lot of gore in my life but never , never , involving such a small child. The child was laying on his back. His little legs had bite marks and torn flesh from the knees down. The dog had the child’s head in its mouth and was shaking , growling , and trying to drag the young boy away.

The entire time the owner had been standing there afraid of his own animals and shouting no. I reached down and grabbed his collar and pulled him straight up and the dog tried to turn on me but I pushed him down to the ground and started twisting his collar trying to choke him down.

The little boy could not have been more then three or four years old. He was screaming and the owner just stood there and started making a phone call while I’m fighting with this full grown bull dog. I screamed for him to take the child inside because I didn’t know how long I could keep this dog down.

Finally he picked the little boy up and took him inside and it was me , the dog and the grandmother who was on the ground covered in blood. I told her to get up and go in and it took awhile for her to get up but this brave lady finally made it.

That left me and the dog and I guess we had each other because I couldn’t let it go knowing it was going to turn on me. The only thing I could think was to keep choking it. I twisted the collar as hard as I could and could hear the dog choking. Very soon the dog became docile going limp and sitting at my feet. I turned the dog loose and he went one way and I went the other.

Apparently I had damaged the gate and it didn’t secure properly because my mother , looking out the same kitchen window , told me the dogs were out and in our yard. I told her to STAY INSIDE. I went out the front door and walked up to see if I could see them and I did. They had circled another child that lives across the street and was trying to knock him down.

To make matters worse the boys sister was on roller skates. I grabbed a board and was screaming at the little boy to stand still! Don’t run! Don’t move! I got to him and chased the dog away this time armed with a board.

I got the brother and sister on either side of me and walked them home. The problem there was that the dogs had gone to their house trying to get in the backyard to get at their dog. I took the board and slammed it down on the side of a boat that was sitting there and the dogs shot straight past me in to my front yard where as , you guessed it , my eighty-five year old mother stood in the driveway.

They circled her. I ran across the street screaming and swinging what was left of my board because it had broken in half when I hit the boat. The dogs ran off and back into there own yard.

Sirens wailing and lights flashing the police came , animal control came , the ambulance came. I will have to go down to the Detectives Bureau and give them a statement and answer questions. It’s midnight now and all I can see is a child maybe two and half feet tall with his face covered in blood. His eye was gone. His scalp laying on the ground beside him. Arms outstretched and wide screaming wanting me to pick him up. But I could not let go of the dog.

Please…please….To what ever God you may worship…pray for this child whose life changed today. And if you don’t mind , squeeze one in for me.

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66 Responses to BLOOD AND BABY

  1. sally1137 says:

    God Bless you. And the little boy.

  2. Judy Kitchens says:

    I had heard about it from Sherry but had only heard the beginning, probably the worst, portion of the story. I had no idea these dogs terrorized the entire neighborhood. I will pray for the baby, the grandmother, and for you. I will also pray for justice to come to those dogs and their owner. There certainly has to be enough evidence this time for something to be done. God bless you!

    • Thank you Judy. Prayer is what is needed right now. I am going to go to the hospital today to see the child. He is in ICU. He definitely lost one eye and most of his scalp. We looked for the scalp later hoping it could be reattached but the dogs must have ate it because we couldn’t find it.

  3. Zen Doe says:

    I’m sitting here with tears pouring down my face, wishing I could help to comfort you. What you’ve described is horror beyond horror. You were incredibly brave, and decent, and strong. Thank you for what you did. Prayers flowing for the child, and for everyone. Prayers and a gentle hug for you.

    • Thank you so much. Zen I have seen men shot , stabbed , cut open and beaten to the point that you could not distinguish facial features. I have never had anything bother me as much as this has. The sight of that child wanting me to pick him up and his poor face will stay with me for life I’m sure. I have dealt with PTSD for years so I know what I’m in for. Thanks again for the prayers. They are truly the only thing that will help this child after the physical wounds have healed.

      • Zen Doe says:

        I know. I understand. More hugs.
        You were a super-hero for that kid. You were an angel. It mattered, what you did. It mattered a lot. And you’ll bear that burden for a very long time. Your courage and strength saved a number of lives yesterday. I’m so sad that the price is so high. My prayers for your heart, for your spirit.

  4. terry1954 says:

    I think the Pitbulls are a muscular creature of beauty but……….I hate them. I am sorry. I hate that they can be loving one moment and attacking their loved ones. I hate the lack of trust in these fine animals. I will never own one. I will pray for this child. Oh my god, I am tearing up as I think of the fear this child will live with the rest of her or his life. People!!!! Get rid of these dogs if you have children or live in a neighborhood with kids. Am praying so hard…….I am going to reblog this!

  5. terry1954 says:

    Reblogged this on terry1954 and commented:
    for the love of God help this child

    • Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!! Prayer is the greatest healer. I will let you know what happens. The newspaper people just left. I don’t know how they find out about this stuff.

      • terry1954 says:

        to them it involves a child, but why wait until after the accident. why not respond to all the calls made prior

      • I know! I had called the police and animal control for the past year and half about these animals killing each other in the back yard. They came and said no crime has been committed. Well guess what?

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  7. terry1954 says:

    Are you alright my friend? What you did was to save that child’s life. Thank you for not only being one of my good friends but a hero as well

  8. misselletea says:

    Jees oh, that’s crazy! Good on you for intervening, I cant believe the owner was merely shouting no! That sounds5 horrific, I hope everyone is ok. Except the useless owner who I hope gets their due.

    • Amen to that. I believe this being pursued as a criminal manner. And yes. Afull grown man stood shouting at his own dogs while it mauled a child at his feet. Did I say man? I’m sorry.

  9. This is awful. Some of the older teenagers round here have these ‘status’ dogs, and they never clean up after them. When I’m out and about with my son I always move away only for them to say ‘he doesn’t bite, he’s really friendly.’ Yeah, well we’ll take our chances from this side of the road thanks. Hope the little boy pulls through. Thinking of him, and you… Hope you both come out the other side ok.

  10. e1aine says:

    By the way, I just read your ‘About’ page. I believe you are more than ‘salvageable’.

  11. Oh my goodness…what a sight for you to see and be engaged in…

  12. This is the saddest dog attack story I have ever read. I will keep you and the child in my thoughts.

    I have a neighbor that has a bunch of “unknown” dogs in cages in the back of his house. I can see the cages when I drive by. The dogs never come out, they get fed twice a day and it seems like that is the only interaction between owner and dog. One day, I went to the house and the owner came outside and apologized for not asking me to come in (it was raining) because, according to him “there were dogs inside that wanted to eat me”. I can’t see what they are, but I think they are larger than Pits, so I’m leaning toward the Presa Canario. I am uncomfortable living next to him and these caged up dogs.

    Please keep us informed.

    • You should be concerned about those animals. The lack of socialization of the dogs by the owners is exactly what caused this incident. When , not if but when, one of those dogs gets loose from the owner there will be a bad situation. Check with the authorities to see if there are code violations or licensing restrictions. Or if he is a breeder is he licensed. I’m just throwing stuff against the wall here. Some may stick and some may not. Good luck.

  13. cshowers says:

    My goodness – I couldn’t bring myself to click “Like” for such a horrific experience. I pray in Jesus’ name, that He touches the child and heals him/her within and without, from all scars — physical and emotional. I pray that this child experiences a miraculous healing, and that he/she doesn’t suffer any more than he has already.

    I also pray for everyone in the neighborhood, who witnessed this dreadful thing. And I must comment on you. What a blessing that God placed a man of your character there in the neighborhood for such a time as that. It was no accident you were there, and I praise God that you did exactly what you were sent there to do — rescue the child and the entire neighborhood from the jaws of death.

    I pray for you as well as the child, because no matter how strong and resilient you are, you are human, and it must have hurt you dreadfully to see that helpless child suffering. I pray that the Lord will strengthen you and bring you comfort in knowing that you accomplished exactly what He sent you to accomplish, no matter how this all ends. Also, while I pray for this child’s complete recovery, I also know that God holds all life in His hands, and that if the child doesn’t survive this awful attack, you will rest easy, knowing that the child will be held in perfect safety, in the arms of the Almighty, and that you did all that you could do.

    In Jesus’ name, I pray for peace for you.

    With much love in Christ,

  14. Lissa says:

    How utterly sad and just horrible. Pits are only as vicious as their own trains them to be. If the owner can’t control their dog, is afraid of the dog, then doesn’t need to have the dog. I hope the authorities really throw the book at him. Poor child. I’m so glad that you were able to step in and save the day, the boy, the grandmother; hell, the neighborhood. I will be saying prayers for all.

  15. Your heroic actions saved many lives this day. You are extremely modest, and won’t like that title of hero, but what you did today was nothing short of heroic, particularly to one little boy who must have thought he was going to die in his backyard yesterday.
    You were the beacon of hope that came to his rescue.
    I am so sorry that you now have to live with the scars of that heroism.

    • Bri it has been CRAAAZZZZY around here today. Newspaper people and TV people. like the man said , ” THERE MUST BE SOME KIND OF WAY OUTTA HERE. SAY THE JOKER TO THE THIEF. TOO MUCH CONFUSION. I CAN’T GET NO RELIEF!” Man I wish y’all were closer. I would like nothing better than to hang with you and Sid right now!”

      • Bob Dylan knows what he’s talking about!
        I wish we were close enough to hang out too. I think we’d have good times forgetting our troubles.
        Hope you can find some peace xx

      • Me too. I slept well last night though. Personally I like Jimi Hendrix’s rendition better. But Dylan is the man when it comes to lyrics. Pure poetry.

  16. Oh my gosh i cried my way through this, I can’t begin to imagine what that boy and you are going through. I hope the owners are jailed. You’re compassion shines through and as horrible as this experience has been, I’m so glad you were able to do what you needed to do to save that child’s life, they say angels come in all different forms, and you truly an angel to that child.
    I hope you will be able to find some help or support for yourself after being through this trauma. I’m praying.

  17. successbmine says:

    For the life of me I cannot understand why the controversy about pit bulls continues as the damage they have done over the years is horrendous. That poor child will probably be terrified of any dog from now on. I knew someone who had a pit bull that was a real softy – until one day it turned on him and he had to kill it with a baseball bat to save himself. They simply cannot be trusted no matter how docile they may seem. Who knows just what might trigger a vicious attack?
    I think the owner of the dogs will have nightmares realizing he is responsible for what happened. I pray that the Lord will prevent nightmares from interrupting your sleep and that child’s also. The Lord is able to bring good out of all situations even when we cannot see any possibility of it, and I pray that He will intervene and perform miracles in this one. I pray that the little boy will dream of Jesus and feel His arms of love holding him tightly through this whole ordeal. And I pray God’s blessing on you for intervening. May you feel the presence of the Lord wrapping you close to Him.

    • I agree. If you go to the link and read the news report you will find that the owners have a cavalier attitude about this attack. They are heartless people who actually make fun our Christianity. They have accepted no responsibility for this situation. I am sure they are sleeping just fine. I want to thank you for your prayers for that little boy and his future. Be blessed my friend.

      • successbmine says:

        I did read that last night and was disgusted at the attitude. A couple of the commenters had strange attitudes, too, unless I misunderstood what they were saying.

      • No mam you didn’t misunderstand. I guess it takes all kinds of folks to make the world turn. But some of them seem to have some very dark hearts.

      • successbmine says:

        I didn’t really think I had misunderstood, but at the same time hoped I had because I hate to think of people having that kind of attitude. But I know there are more of those people around than I care to think about. It’s really sad that they have such dark thoughts.

      • Dark and dysfunctional. These are educated and professional people too! He is an attorney and she is a nurse anesthetist!!

  18. I just read the account and update to this today from terry and I can only say God bless and keep you . You are truly a guardian angel walking amonst we mere mortals, I will pray for all concerned th boy anthony for healing of his body but also his mind as it will be as scared as his little body and for you as you will forever carry the scars of the horror you had to put an end to. I am only (God forgive me), sorry you could not have twisted that collar a bit longer til that dog never got up.

    • len I truly believe that prayer will heal this childs body and spirit. I am no hero though. I am sure you would have reacted the same way. And don’t apologize for having a passion for life. If they had not put that dog down and it came back I would probably have gone to jail because I would have finished the job. THANK YOU FOR REBLOGGING.

  19. What horror. I hope your neighbor faces multiple charges. I also hope these dog were taken away. Where I live people with pits have to carry $10,000. Insurance maybe more now. It happens too often that these dogs just snap and attack children. You are certainly an angel. May God’s blessings always be upon you. My prayers are for you, the child as well as your neighbor that he finds compassion for all of God’s creatures.

  20. This is a terrible story, just heartbreaking, but I pressed ‘like’ because it was good to know that someone had the courage to step in and put his own life at risk to save the lives of his neighbors.

  21. Bless you for your love and quick thinking that not only rescued that child but others as well. You put yourself in harm’s way and that takes not only guts but love. As for the owner, people scared of their own dog don’t need one. He could have saved that child a lot of scars and physical wounds if he had just acted. But God had a plan and it involved you. Peace and blessings to you and your family.

    • Thank you so much Valarie.I don’t believe I was ever in any danger. I believe the good Lord was in control and I really had no choice in what I was doing. And you are so right. These people should not only not have animals , many of themshould not have children either.

      • I agree, with the danger part because God was definitely in control which is why you had no fear. Sad to say anyone can make a baby but not everyone can be a loving, caring, responsible parent. Again God bless you, you are an example of God love and how he comes to our aid. Thanks for allowing him to use you!

  22. Today you were an angel in human form….it takes great courage to do what you did and not think about your own safety. I pray that God brings you peace after having to witness such a horrific act.. I am praying for this young boy and his family. You Sir deserve to be honored for your act of bravery. God Bless You♥ ~Sincerely Cindy

    • Thank you Cindy for your kind words and support. I did not save that childs life. God did and all glory and honor are His.

      • Yes it was God who saved this child’s life but is was you He chose to use and it was you who just followed your heart and stepped in to answer the call of distress.It was a Divine Appointment by God and you chose to be obedient, not everyone would have. Glory be to God that He knows our Hearts and you were there to be His hands to intervene in this situation. Amen♥

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