Blood and Baby Update

I want to thank all of you , and especially you Terry Shepherd , for the prayers for this little boy. Nothing heals like the power of prayer and you have all proven that to me once again. When you are completely stripped of any control of a situation and utterly powerless to have an affect on the outcome the only thing left that you can do is pray. And when you are naked and bare and helpless and realize that there is nothing left that you can offer is when you need to accept the reality of your limitations and turn it over to God. You did that for this little boy and I thank you with every fiber of my being. I am humbled by your statements but I am not a hero. I believe anyone of you , including my eighty-five year old mother , would have reacted the same way. God just gave me the strength and took away the fear. I am no hero.

I went to see the child today , I just found out his name is Anthony , and there is no change. That is good news. They are going to try and do a skin graft to replace his scalp. His eye was actually not gone it had popped out of the socket and rolled up. They have made no promises about his vision but that is also good news.

I am not going to drag this out I haven’t been asleep in awhile. Flashes of the little boy with his arms stretched out kept sleep at bay. I encourage you to go to and pull up the article that says pit bull owner arrested or charged or something like that. You will see a video of an old fat hippie with a pony tail standing in my kitchen. They tell me that is me but I don’t remember being that fat. In fact that dude seems to follow me around and get into all the family pictures too! My name is Eddie Deeb and I again want to say thank you so much for the prayers.


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35 Responses to Blood and Baby Update

  1. terry1954 says:

    I really connected with you before this incident, but now there is a deeper connection. There is something about you that I strongly admire. I say no news is good news on Anthony. Please keep me informed if you find further information out.

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  3. terry1954 says:

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    update about Pitbull and child

  4. It was wonderful to put a face and a voice to your words 🙂
    Thanks for giving us the update. I still think you’re a hero!

    • HAHAHA!! I had no idea I had such a southern drawl. I still don’t think that’s me. I put on about a hundred pounds while taking care of Daddy and am not accustomed nor do I want to get use to it. IT’S GOT TO GO!!

  5. I’m overcome with emotion when I think of how many lives you saved. I’m sure you won’t like the word hero, but you are to those whose lives you saved.

  6. Judy Kitchens says:

    I’m so glad to read this update on little Anthony and pray we will continue to hear good news about him. Eddie you did a heroic act without thinking about the danger you were in, probably a behavior learned in the military. I think you will forever be a hero to the many lives you touched through this incident, especially the ones you saved from the dogs. I pray you will be able to get rest now that you have heard some encouraging news about the little boy.

    • Thank you cuz. I did sleep well last night but Mom didn’t. I have such a hard time with the “hero” part. I am sure you would have done the exact same thing.

      • Judy Kitchens says:

        I would like to think I would but I’m not so sure I would have the courage or strength to face down a pit bull. You were the right man equipped to do the job in the right place at the right time. You were used by God in that moment, no doubt about it! I’m proud of you!

  7. God is the great healer and physician we must all pray and stand on our faith for everyone concerned.

  8. Thank you for sharing this update. Anthony was in my thoughts last night and am glad to hear he’s in a stable condition. I hope that your emotions stabilise soon, too.

  9. SherryBartley says:

    You’re a very special person and you acted courageously and powerful without any thought of your own person. I am very proud of you and what you’ve done. If your Dad knows this and they have clothes in heaven, he is busting the buttons off his shirt today with that little chest! God Bless you and that little boy and I will continue to pray for you all.

  10. Terry has led a lot of us to you through your story…So, do you live in Macon???…my husband is from there…

  11. e1aine says:

    I also found you through Terry. She knows that I am not religeous – brought up by an atheist – but I do find I have beliefs when something touches me deeply and I prayed to God last night (with an apology for not being in contact in so long). So you brought me something too!

    I knew you would have ‘trouble’ with the hero tag, but I do believe it. Not that anybody else here wouldn’t have done the same thing but we haven’t been tested. I can only hope that I’d do the same.

    Off to watch that video now.

    PS. I wonder if Anthony understands how many people care. I hope so.

  12. Elaine I am in a position to judge , condemn nor persuade anyone when it comes to religion. I have led a wild and crazy life and I didn’t get Baptized until I was 47 years old. But I found something out. I found out that Gods love is like a dogs love. You know what I mean? No matter how long you have been away and no matter how much you have neglected him , he is always so happy to see you come home.

  13. sally1137 says:

    You ain’t fat, sweetie. That’s your Superman suit.

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