Rock And Roll Jesus

The last post I put up had Gregg Allman singing Will The Circle Be Unbroken. That’s right , one of the most notorious drug addicts known in the music industry singing , and singing it well I might add , a southern gospel song with a passion that should have you standing up with your hands raised and arms open.

This may be unusual and unheard of in the music industry today but not so long ago Jesus was a part of popular music. What has happened? When did Jesus become no longer marketable to the youth or to music lovers in general?

Did this happen because a generation of parents failed to teach our children that Jesus was cool? I mean really. Jesus was a rock star! He was the rebel , the bad boy of his day. He had the original posse that traveled everywhere with Him. The establishment hated him and the downtrodden found comfort in His lyrics of hope and promises of things to come.

So now there is music that glamorize violence , drugs and sex , instead of the human spirit or love or struggles. But I have noticed a song or two sneaking in under the radar. Leonard Cohen’s , Hallelujah , sung by Bon Jovi , is one. The first verse is the story of David and Basheba  This song was written back in the sixties when spirituality was cool.

There was George Harrisons My Sweet Lord ,  that praised Jesus and gave a nod to non Christians in the chorus trying to acknowledge that people worship differently. Another member of the Beatles that very few people know about was Billy Preston , the fifth Beatle. Without  a doubt one of my favorite all time songs and videos is That’s The Way God Planned It , performed here in 1970 I think . You know that Billy was raised and performed in church  when the Holy Spirit gets him up from the organ and ” flings” him across the stage and Billy gets up ” on his good foot”.

The last one that comes to mind , although I am sure there are many more , is The Doobie Brothers , Jesus Is Just Alright. Good rock and roll with a serving of blues in the middle performed by a band named after a marijuana cigarette , telling the world that “Jesus is my friend’

I may loose some followers with this post or I may gain some. But I think worrying about the popularity and what people may think is part of the problem anyway.Besides I had a wonderful time being thrown back in time and listening to some good music written about a cool Dude.

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17 Responses to Rock And Roll Jesus

  1. terry1954 says:

    great post!!! I think Jesus is not taught in homes as much today because Satan lives too well among us

  2. How about “Jesus take the Wheel” by Carrie Underwood 😉

  3. Marie Taylor says:

    I spent the morning listening to the Whipping Post by ABB, now you have me watching the Concert to Bangladesh – God! I’m 27 again sitting in a theater in Denver CO listening to George Harrison sing My Sweet Lord. Thanks for the trip~

    • Well it’s your fault!! When you told me you were going on a music memory trip I did too! The Concert for Bangladesh is unequaled to anything that I have ever seen or heard. Leon Russell is one of my favorites anyway but that’s where it started

      • Marie Taylor says:

        Here’s the rest of the Denver story. I remembering sitting in the Denver theater watching Bangladesh with my then husband who had just returned from a trip back east selling reefer. By the next month he would take off with some girl leaving me with two young boys to raise by myself. I move back to PA, etc. etc. Life can be a long a twisted road – but so beautiful.

      • I’m so sorry. I wonder if he realizes what a mistake he made. You know what. This song doesn’t describe your situation at all but it made me think of Pearl

  4. sally1137 says:

    I saw the Allman Bros at the Muny in St. Louis years ago. Little Feat opened, so it was a winner all around.

    • I love Little Feat. Fat Man In The Bathtub and On Your Way Down. I really can’t tell you how many times I have seen the Brothers perform. At cookouts , bar-b-ques and on stage. Growing up in Macon ,Ga. had its perks for a Little hippie.

  5. Teeny Bikini says:

    I totally played the music while I was reading. Gotta love the Doobie Brothers. Sweet!

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