One Minute Sermon

OK! OK! OK!!!!!!!!

I can see all of you rolling your eyes! Oh no! Not another youtube video and enough of the preaching , right? Well it is another video and honestly I haven’t been preaching I’ve just been putting up music I like. Yeah it has been religiously based music and if it moves you spiritually that just happens because all I’m doing is putting  up music!

Well we did hippie gospel (Unbroken) and we did rock and roll ( Rock and Roll Jesus). We even did a twist on traditional gospel (Grace). Well it wouldn’t be fair not to acknowledge the more contemporary so here we go. Sent to me by my radical older (sorry Tricia ) sister.

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21 Responses to One Minute Sermon

  1. Marie Taylor says:

    Holy smoke! No pun intended.

  2. Sharon says:

    I did’t know southern ladies could rap or talk that fast. I had to speed up my ears but it was worth it!

    • I’m so glad! The more people it reaches the happier HE will be!

      • AMEN!! I am so excited we get to go to church tonight we had to miss both services Sunday as the weather caused closings on both sides of the state line. Much as I am in the word and pray daily I NEED my fellowship and my pastors sermons. Tried to get him to have service at his house (he lives next door) but he was feeling poorly tried to shovel snow and twisted his knee ! So doubly excited for tonight and just had to share …didn’tmean to hog the comment section PTL!

      • You got right ahead and talk. I love it. I know we will be having worship service every night except Saturday until Resurrection Day! We get to party with Jesus! You know how us Pentecostals are!! Raise the roof!!!!

      • amen and we do it proudly and loudly.
        P= pray
        U= until
        S= something
        H= happens
        and it is usually the Holy Ghost moving right on on!!

  3. Oh yes I’ve heard her before she rocks or hip hops!!

  4. terry1954 says:

    I love the way you talk and stand up for what you believe in my friend!!!!!!! I knew you were special

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