what a man HE was

I wonder every year how He did it. How did He, knowing what was to come, follow through with the plans God had laid before Him. As the hour crept closer and closer, until it was finally upon Him. He could have stopped it at any time.

We have all heard stories about people who have given their lives for their fellow man. Soldiers who throw themselves on a grenade saving the lives of the ones around him. Giving up their lives without thinking. Therein lies the difference.

A soldier reacts on impulse. There is no time for a deliberation to consider the consequences of the action they are about to take. It’s like putting your hand on a hot stove. Do you have to think about removing it or wait until somebody tells you the stove is hot before you take your hand away? No. It is a reflex and that is how a soldier reacts. If anyone of them, including myself, stopped to consider the circumstances and what they were about to give up then events would be different and we would have a lot less ” hero’s”.

That was not the case with Jesus. He had time to think about what He was about to do and did it anyway. He didn’t want to do it. He made it clear in the garden that He didn’t want to do it. He could have followed His own path. Instead He followed His fathers’. That is what makes him a hero. We forget that though divine He was still only a man. He bled. He felt pain. He felt joy and grief. And He felt humiliation. You know He had to feel fear. You know He had the instinct of survival and self preservation because He had all the other human emotions. Yet He still gave His life for His fellow man! And not just for the people around Him that He knew but for all the people that were yet to come. That my friends is a true hero. Thy will be done. And it was.

There is something else I think about every year at this time and I would like your thoughts and input on this. That is the soul of Judas. I was taught that Judas suffers eternal damnation when I was young and Catholic. Now I’m old and Pentecostal (Assembly of God) and sometimes think to much. I have not run this by my Pastor I’m going to run it by y’all first.

Since it was Gods will that Jesus was to fulfill the prophecy by undergoing the crucifixion then was it also Gods will that Judas betray Jesus. And if it was Gods will then does Judas bear any responsibility since he was only the instrument that God chose. Do you see the conundrum I have created for myself? What do you think? Where is Judas? We know he felt remorse for what he did and we know that Jesus loved Him as He loves all of us. So was he forgiven?

Anyway we know where Jesus is. He is right here in my and every believers heart. That is why He is the Living God. Happy Resurrection Day folks.

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14 Responses to what a man HE was

  1. terry1954 says:

    I believe that since Judas did what Jesus wanted and he felt remorse and even returned the money and asked for forgiveness he was forgiven and is definitely in heaven. If only we would put a way our fear and follow what ever God asks us to do. What mighty warriors of Christ we all would be. This was a great post and I loved reading each word. Thank you and bless you for posting this

  2. i believe he was forgiven.

  3. Of course Judas was forgiven and in heaven for did he not ask forgiveness, did he not repent? Jesus died for ALL of the sins for those that were and those that came and those we have today. Our God is a loving God a forgiving God. HE HAS RISEN!!! HALLELJUA!!!

    • I am so glad. That has been what I want to believe but I was taught differently by the nuns. That was a long time ago.

      HE IS RISEN!!!!!

      • I took my first communion and attended for awhile just couldn’t trust enough to continue confession to a virtual stranger LOL that was at 13-14 yrs. after many demoninations visited and studied I am certifiable pentecoastal and so very proud of it… Although the first time I spoke in tongues I was scared to death when members of the congregation told me I had. I knew it but didnt understand back then, now they can’t shut me up! God bless …your friend in Christ~~Len

      • We may make good Pentecostals don’t we!? God Bless You , Miss Len and Happy Resurrection Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Marie Taylor says:

    Judas, Hitler, Gengis Khan, and all of the other people who committed horrendous acts – is redemption open to them too? I think God’s forgiveness is always available to everyone; it is man who finds it hard to forgive, both to forgive others and to forgive himself. Everything that happens must be part of God’s plan. To say otherwise is to say that God is not almighty or there are things that happen that outside of his authority, and if that were true, he is not really God.

    • Wow. Well Marie I’m really confused now. You know how easily that can happen to me! 🙂
      Ok I can see Judas and don’t know enough about Khan to make a statement , but Hitler? The thing is you are absolutely right! There is no limit to Gods forgiveness! But that’s why He is the great I AM.

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