Little Anthony Update

I could try to tell everybody what is going on but it would be better if you read it for yourselves. Go to this link and look for the article that is titled WR BOY MAULED…

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13 Responses to Little Anthony Update

  1. terry1954 says:

    the guy was released on a bond????? I am glad the little one is recovering from yet another surgery. What kind of punishment is going to be for the dog owner?

  2. I’m glad he’s mending but outraged that the idiot is out on bond!

  3. Zen Doe says:

    That child has a lifetime of dealing with this ahead of him, physically, psychologically, emotionally, you name it. But, thanks to you, he has a lifetime ahead of him. My prayer is that he is given the support that he needs for that life to flourish.

  4. thank you eddy for letting us know what is going on. Is there any kind of fund raising going on to help the family with all this time off work to be with anthony, travels expenses care for other children etc must be horrendous right now. Please let us know of/if anything in that direction.
    That jerk is out on bond and only charged with child neglect????He should be charged with attempted murder!!!

    • I agree! They should charge them with criminal negligence and some other stuff also. I have not heard of a fund raiser but the dogs owners are a lawyer and a nurse anesthetist. I hope they pay for the rest of their lives.This was something that should never have happened.

      • Amen to that They should be required to foot the bills for all concerned because it sounds like all they are going to get is a slap on the wrist. We must pray for the Lord to convict their hearts and to make restitution of some kind to the family of lil Anthony! God Bless and keep you safe my friend Praise Him for His goodness!

      • Thank you for your prayers and support Miss Len. I think Anthony’s mom is going to take them to the cleaners

  5. sally1137 says:

    Thanks for the update, and for reminding us to keep him in our prayers.

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