What The Funk?

I do not know what is wrong with me. I am stuck in some kind of funk I can’t seem to get of. There is no reason that I should be feeling like this. Life is good. I just spent the most amazing week with my son. I saw a part of this country that I have never seen before. And to top it off we are having two family reunions this month!

On May 25 we are celebrating the 90th birthday of my dear uncle on my mothers side of the family. He is one of the sweetest men I have ever known. He has always reminded me of Andy Griffith, or Andy Taylor. Not only in his appearance but in the way he speaks and carries himself.

On May 26 we are having our annual reunion on my fathers side. That is preceded by workdays on May the 18th. The reunion is held at my brothers house out in the country so the weekend prior to the reunion we meet and help bush hog, cut the grass, set up the volleyball court and horse shoes. That will culminate with lots of grilled hamburgers and cold beer. Kind of a warm up for the real reunion the following weekend.

But something is wrong and I just don’t know what it is. I feel like my “being” is not centered. Like I’m a little off kilter. That is why I haven’t been writing. I just can’t seem to get my mind working right.

Also little Anthony was released from the hospital in Boston this past week and is now back home. I really would like to see him. Thank all of you for your prayers for that little guy. He still has a long and hard road ahead of him.

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31 Responses to What The Funk?

  1. It sounds like depression. Sorry you’re struggling.

  2. Hang in there, buddy! We all need each other.

  3. rebecca2000 says:

    I’m glad he got out. As for you, ((Hugs)). I hope you feel better soon.

  4. e1aine says:

    I’m only guessing (not a doctor) but do you think it could be stress? You’ve had a pretty bad time recently, what with Anthony and flying and the build up to the celebrations too. Sometimes stress comes out (and maybe a little depression too) when the pressure comes off. Just an idea. If it doesn’t improve, see a doctor, but I sincerely hope that you will feel good again really soon.

    • Thank you. I don’t know what it is but I don’t like it. It would be different if I could figure out the what and why but I’m sure I will be better soon. I think just verbalizing it here helps.

  5. sspjlife56 says:

    Maybe you are having a bit of jet lag. Although I know yesterday and today I just don’t feel like writing much. I don’t know what makes me like this but I will probably snap out of it like usual. It sounds like you have some good times coming up. Force yourself to smile and maybe the mind and body will follow the signal. hugs my friend

  6. e1aine says:

    I hope it does help.

    It’s so horrible when you feel ‘off’ and don’t know why. At least I can blame my hormones (all my family do, but that just makes me irritated – even more!). But the first gathering without your father – that’s a big thing. For years I hated Christmas without Dad, his seat stayed empty, which was bad, but I think everyone knew I couldn’t bear for anyone to sit in it. I was relieved when Christmas relocated to my house, even though I now get the brunt of the work and expense. Dad left a gaping hole in our celebrations. Still does in fact.

    The gospel music is a good idea, I hope it helps. Personally I find the Desiderata comforting too, particularly ‘You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.’

    • Elaine that is one of the most profound comments I have ever received …Thank you so much

      • e1aine says:

        Wow, no one’s ever thought me profound, I’m quite proud! But they weren’t my words.

        After I posted my comment I blogged The Desiderata in its complete form on my post, just because I love it.

        I hope you begin to feel better today and the funk lifts.

      • It has quite a bit. I think maybe the two weeks of rainfall we have had here played a part. But yesterday and today the sun has been out and it has been beautiful. I got to get outside and work a little and I feel a lot better.

  7. Irene Locke says:

    Still dont have my computer but you dont have one thing to be in a funk. Shake it off. You are angel in diguise. You have so many peoe that love you and two of them are me and John. Cant wait to see you. We are at the ranch and having fun. I love you. Goodnight

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  8. I feel you brother!! I’m in the same boat… It will come to you. Nice to c u back, even in your funk!!

  9. sally1137 says:

    It always helps to do something relaxing that you like…like cooking, petting cats or working outside (weather permitting!).

    It’s finally nice enough to work outside here.

    Hope you feel better, my friend. I’ve been there.

    • You are so right. We have had rain consistently for the past two weeks but yesterday and today have been beautiful. It afforded me the opportunity to get outside and sweat some while working in the yard. I feel much better. Thank you.

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