The word alone brings so many faces to my mind. With this Mothers Day approaching I have been reflecting on the matriarchs that have been present and influential in my life.

There have been my grandmothers which I probably hold so dear because I never knew my grandfathers. On my mothers side was Nanny Marshall. She was known by other names but this is how I knew her. She was a wonderful woman that made you smile without saying a word. Just being in her presence was comforting. She was as country and southern as a red clay road or kudzu. She was a large woman and there was no warmth or security any where in the world like there was when you were enveloped in one of her hugs. She had a soft voice and was sweet as the iced tea that she served.

On Daddy’s side was Nanny. She couldn’t have been more of a contrast to Nanny Marshall if she had tried. Nanny was 4’7″ tall. She was half Lebanese and have Iroquois born in upstate New York. She was the youngest old woman I have ever seen. She dearly loved Elvis and loved to dance….I mean really dance! There was no waltz or rumba involved. This was mashed potato, booty shaking dance. She was loud, funny, and brutally honest. God knows she could make a corpse grin.

That brings me to my mom. She is not only the matriarch of our immediate family but the entire clan on that side. She is the last of that bloodline for that generation. She is revered not only among her children but among all her nieces and nephews and their children. She is a living monument for them to vicariously have contact to their own mothers who are now in the presence of the Lord.

The influences of these strong, independent, determined women are what makes my sisters the unbelievable women they are today. I have three sisters, Ain, Chi-Chi, and Missy, and I can see Nanny, Nanny Marshall, and my mom in each of them. They are all independent, professional, determined women with the qualities and values that are so rare in society today.

I am truly blessed to have been surrounded by people with the integrity, compassion and humor that all of these matriarchs possess and wish I had some other way besides this post to tell them how much I love and appreciate them.

Happy Mothers Day Ladies

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23 Responses to Matriarch

  1. sspjlife56 says:

    You have been truly blessed with great women in your life. I salute these ladies with Happy Mother’s Day also!

  2. philip469 says:

    love it and the previous comment

  3. A fine tribute to the women in your family. In Christ we are all one. Acceptance toward their faithful ministries from me! Peace be unto you. You are blessed.

  4. Judy Kitchens says:

    None of us could have said it better!! Happy Mother’s Day to Martha, such a wonderful presence of all of our moms who are now in God’s presence. Those Marshall girls are now and were truly something special..perhaps a force of nature would be one fitting description. Eddie I think you got a double dose cause “Mrs. Deeb” as we all called your Nanny was even more so. We loved it when she came up with ya’ll. the Deebs can entertain and tell stories better than anyone else I know. Love you all!

    • ” A force of nature”…an excellent description of those fine women. Nanny was something special. We never knew what was going to come out of her mouth. We almost felt the need to give a disclaimer or one of those ” please ask small children to leave the room” messages. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love you cuz!

  5. Love it brother. Women like that are rare in these times. That’s why I miss my grandma so much. Be blessed

  6. How blessed you were and are to have such strong examples of motherhood. Your love, attention and a call, card or visit is all I bet any of them really want from you on mothers day. God Bless my friend May He keep you safe always.

  7. Beautiful words of gratitude and appreciation, as always.
    You are all lucky to have one another x

  8. Missy says:

    Beautiful Edward. Your pontifications have moved me. If there is one person on this earth that could make a corpse smile it was Nanny. Being your sister has had its trying moments but I must admit that I love you more than you will ever know.

  9. A very sweet tribute!

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