Just Like You

It is so easy to lose ourselves within ourselves. It is so easy to confuse being abandoned with being alone. It is so easy to think we stand alone. And it is so easy to think ” I can fix this”. The truth is we have never been abandoned and we have never been alone.

We may be lonely sometimes but rest assured that we are not alone. There are always angels beside us. Sometimes they hold us and we feel the comfort in their embrace without a word being said. Sometimes they just listen without judgement or advice or opinion while we describe the feelings that have enveloped our very being in darkness and despair. We may not even recognize them for what they truly are. They are the angels in our lives.

They walk among us every day and we don’t see what they are. The beauty of this situation is they don’t see what they are either. They come to us without pretense or agendas. They come to us expecting nothing and give everything and they don’t even know they are bearing what could be in some cases a life saving or changing gift.

Many times the importance of the gift loses it’s value to us because it is not tangible and we may not realize it has been given. But if we take the time to stand back from our pain, whatever it may be, then we can see that we are surrounded by angels. They may be your brother or sister. They may be your father or mother. They could be a friend or an acquaintance. They may be someone you have only met through your blog. I believe they could possibly be your dog or cat or your horse that you talk out your problems with while they give you the unconditional love that only they can give.

Despite the form they take we should never lose sight of the fact that they are there because they love us and that they were sent because He knows our heart. That is where He lives and that is why we are never alone And sometimes…just sometimes…that angel is someone just like you.

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15 Responses to Just Like You

  1. Like always, well said, and true indeed my friend. One of my favorite posts yet.

  2. Marie Taylor says:

    Heartfelt and well-said. Wonderful post.

  3. Zen Doe says:

    I think I hear my name being called. Thank you for this wonderful post. It came at just the right time for me. Hmmm… thanks, Angel!

  4. this is a good word, for each of us.

  5. This is good to be reminded of. 🙂

  6. Kim Sargent says:

    WOW!!!❤ You are really touching hearts! It’s great!

  7. Mine has been touched by so many angels. It was you that pointed me to the church that changed my life Kim. Sometimes we don’t realize what an impact we have on each other… Thank you

  8. Kim says:

    So true! You put it into words so well! Angels are amoung us! Stay strong!❤

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