Ode To A Crepe Myrtle Tree

It was planted in a place

Assigned for me to mow

It was small and vulnerable

Set in a lonely place to grow

I got to close and in a snap it was gone

I turned and looked back at the now barren lawn


I’ll tell her the truth, IT RAN OUT IN FRONT OF ME!

Then I realized I must face my fear

So I road to the barn and got another beer

I told her I was sorry but Missy didn’t hear

She yelled and screamed and got her another beer

So now I’ve been chastised

and banned from the mower

and had to promise that

I would get another

From the Crepe Myrtle grower


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21 Responses to Ode To A Crepe Myrtle Tree

  1. Marie Taylor says:

    Delightful. I’ve done the same thing. M

  2. Terry says:

    that was so cute!!!

  3. Missy says:

    All will be forgiven as soon as you come up here and plant a nice big Rocket Red Crepe Myrtle in that spot. I might even let you have another one of my Red Stripes.

  4. sally1137 says:

    That’ll teach her to mow her own dang yard… πŸ™‚

  5. Oh boy I can imagine that conversation, similar to the one when I bought my brand new off the show room floor SUV and the hubs backed his huge Massey Fergisun tractor into the back of it.:-)

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