The Well

I sit to write but nothing comes out

Apparently I’m experiencing a creative drought

I stare at the black and the white of the keys

and the only thing I feel is that they are staring back at me

I would write more, Lord knows I tried

But when I dip into the well

my bucket remains dry

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20 Responses to The Well

  1. Terry says:

    don’t think so hard, do some other things and then you will see or hear something and boom writer’s block removed. miss talking to you my friend

    • I have tried everything. It’s just that the only thing I think about when I’m at this house(came back to Macon to finish up) is about Mom and Dad. I would like to move forward but that seems impossible while I’m here.

  2. e1aine says:

    Actually I really liked that. Pretty good for someone who’s in a creative drought I would say!

  3. well this is something and it worked!

  4. sandrabranum says:

    I write about my Muse deserting me all the time. Sometimes when I read others’ blogs, I get motivated; perhaps that’d work for you too.

  5. What oddness when the words do not flow like raindrops sliding off a roof. One exercise is to do a 360 view of what you see. But that is word exercise, like walking a horse. Perhaps it is time to stroll and drink in the riches of your new home? Allow heart’s soul to revel in soaking up the newness of your new home?

  6. sharon says:

    Everyone goes though cycles, a time to write a time to read, a time to work and a time to rest, a time to serve and a time to be served. they go round and round, enjoy the quite and meditate. love you cuz

  7. lexiesnana says:

    For someone in a drought I think this is wonderful. You have talent Sir.

  8. Hello, Just stopping by to wish a Good Sunday morning. Hoping all the projects going as gracefully as possible. Take care ~ Hap

  9. David says:

    Hey cuz. How’re you doing? You OK? I miss reading your writing. Not only is it good therapy for you, but it’s enjoyable for me to keep uo with you. You’re going to have to come visit us soon. Take care.

  10. You are missed, my friend! Check your email x

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