… In His Hands….

Before you read another word PLEASE, PLEASE watch these two short videos. They are just about five minutes each.



If you have been reading my blog for a while you are aware of the power that music plays in my life. I could write my life in song. I’m sure most everybody must feel the same way.

These videos are not just about music. They are also about the debt we, as a society, owe the aged. Some people believe that sometimes people just out live there usefulness or their ability to contribute to society in any way has come and gone.

These tend to be people who are so caught up in their own lives that they would truly rather not be bothered. I’m not saying that everyone should quit work and make an unreasonable commitment that would lead to financial ruin. What I’m saying is that there are so many of us who cannot give those few hours a week or a weekend to be a part of the lives to the people that help make us the people we are today.

And if you want to believe that they can contribute nothing to society then stop and examine…deeply… the emotions you felt while watching those two videos. If you can honestly tell me you didn’t want to clap and give a big WooHoo for Gladys and you didn’t want to sing with Henry then I can honestly tell you that you are dead on the inside and there is nothing REAL that you can contribute to society or that you are a true sociopath.

…He’s got the whole world…

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6 Responses to … In His Hands….

  1. Those videos are a powerful testimony that just because a person ages and loses the ability to speak does not mean they are vacant inside. They just need someone to care enough to figure out what lights up their heart. Eddie, you have the compassion for elderly to revolutionize the nursing home industry. I’m so proud of you.

    • Well thank you…but really I don’t think there is anything special. I think it boils down to your interpretation of being a productive member of society. If your gauge is how much money you make and paying your taxes then you are not really contributing. You are just doing what you have to do to survive and even the homeless man living under the bridge does that. But when you actually enrich someone else’s life, be it for a day or an hour, you have not given back. And you Miss Jones have done that in spades in your work with rescue animals. YOU are hero and a saint on earth…and your also my sister.


  2. Marie Taylor says:

    Thanks for sharing this Eddie. It reminds us all that we are all one family, one heart.

  3. People are so busy looking for themselves that they never really see anyone else – even within families, within couples, people are so consumed finding the meaning of their lives that they can’t see that it’s what we do for others that gives our life meaning.

    I guess it’s finding the balance between taking care of yourself and giving time to others that’s the tricky part!

    Adored these videos x

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