Letting Go


I know that to the casual observer seeing this picture above they must think, ” What a sweet man!” They would have no idea of how true a statement they have made. What they would not, or could not, know is the wheel chair is for him. The picture above is of my father and mother taken at the river walk this past summer. Who would have thought at that time they would both be dead in a few months.

As anyone who has read my blog would know my father had Parkinson’s for twenty-six years before his passing on January the fifth of this year. His passing from this world into the next was a beautiful and joyous event and it will be celebrated as such. It will be celebrated as a birthday as far as I’m concerned, because that is exactly what it was.

For on that day he was born into a healthy beautiful body and if there are streets of gold in heaven you can bet he is running down them covered in sweat with his head thrown back and that euphoric smile on his face and look  in his eyes that he got when he hit the seven or eight mile mark of his run. The sound and rhythm of his feet hitting the streets is echoing throughout heaven….p..pat..p..pat..p..pat….

Sitting here writing this, looking out the window at the mountains he loved so much I can almost hear the sound of him running past the lake coming home. This vision of him running is what will carry me through the day and the night. On this day one year ago my mother, my siblings and myself gathered. We didn’t gather to celebrate New Years. We had gathered so I could tell them it was time to let Daddy go.

Vocalizing that thought was the hardest thing to not only do at the time but to shoulder that decision as a man. I know he will thank me the next time I see him and it is not something I have dwelled on through the year but tonight I will sit by the fire and pour two glasses of whiskey… one I will drink…the other…I don’t know yet.

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8 Responses to Letting Go

  1. Marie Taylor says:

    a wonderful picture and sweet memories of your dad.

  2. Terry says:

    This really touched me. You are a wonderful son. Happy New Year

  3. You’re pretty amazing there, Ed.

  4. Kim Sargent says:

    Love this!❤

  5. I did not mourn the passing of my parents for the exact reasons you have belief in, yet I mourn the loss for myself. Love your writing.

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