One Way Out

So very tragic. By now everyone has heard the news of Robin Williams death. Many people do not understand how this could happen. How could someone take their own life? Some may want to believe it’s drugs or alcohol and that if they had been sober this would not have happened.

These are obviously well balanced people that appear to have control over their lives. However, there are times in some of our lives that we have no control. That something so horrifically traumatizing has occurred to us that we could not have stopped it even if we knew it was coming.

These can be events that some people can deal with very easily but to others it seems to crumble the very foundation our very world is standing upon. A divorce, tragic untimely death of a loved one. Or in my case the disappearance of a child.

When something like that happens the mind is the worst enemy you could have. It becomes a theater that plays and replays that horrible event. While you are awake. When you pass out…because you never sleep. Constantly…over and over. The only way to make it stop at that time is to shut it off. Death becomes peace. You can not see tomorrow…You just want it to stop today.

Fortunately for me God sent someone to stop me and that person never knew that he saved my life. I was to ashamed to tell my father.

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5 Responses to One Way Out

  1. Terry says:

    death definitely stops us in our tracks and I know for me losing my brother as of recent, there were days I wanted to go to heaven with him. One day I actually considered how to do it to get away from the pain. For me a friend saved me. I try very hard to find a little piece of good in each day to help me heal. I will miss Robin Williams terribly. He was a terrific actor. None of us can know what was in his mind unless we walked in his shoes. I pray that he rest in peace. Hugs my friend for being a strong person and friend to me

    • Terry I heard from somewhere that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. We all know that to be true but when you are then throes of severe depression and anguish you just want to not hurt anymore. Each day will be a little better. Each day you dwell a little less in that dark place until one day you have light.

  2. sandrabranum says:

    You are fortunate to have been blessed with the help you needed. I wish it could also have been that way for Robin Williams.

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