The Begger ( cont. )

I love driving in the spring with my windows down on bright, crisp, mornings. The radio was playing old rock and roll and I had it cranked up to Steve Millers, Fly Like An Eagle.

I almost didn’t see the red light because of the morning sun streaming in through my dirty windshield. I was able to stop just in time. I could make out a silhouette holding a cardboard sign on the corner and he was slowly moving down the side of the road towards me. He wasn’t coming out into the street. He was just moving closer so that I could read the sign. ” please help. I’m hungry. ”

Frigging beggar. I can’t even enjoy the morning air anymore without being solicited. I rolled up my windows. Cranked up the radio and turned right just to avoid this tramp. Steve Miller was rocking, “feed the hungry, that don’t have enough to eat…” . They just don’t make music like that anymore.

to be cont.

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