The Beggar (the conclusion)

I stood outside the doors of the church trying to listen to the service but to ashamed to go inside. How could I not have seen this coming. I have done it to others so many times before. Acquire a small company. Keep the key players until I milk every bit of knowledge from them and then put them on the streets.

It took less than a year and I have lost everything…My wife, my children, my home, and my mind. I started relaxing with Crown Royale and Knob Creek. Now I will suck the drivel out of a beer bottle somebody threw in the trash…Cigarette butts and all.

I scurried down the street in my torn and filthy clothes and unkempt hair to my ally before it got to dark. Sitting on some cardboard and digging through some garbage I have already gone through earlier a shadow was cast that startled me. It’s just another bum standing with the street light behind him. I couldn’t make out his face.

Something struck me as odd and then I realized what it was. He didn’t stink like the rest of them. In fact there was a pleasant aroma that I could not place that surrounded him. “What is it you want?” I asked territorially.

“What is it YOU want?” he responded.
“I want you to leave me alone. Go find somewhere else to sleep. This is mine”
“YOU have nothing. Everything you ever thought you had I provided. Everything you lost I took away.”

The world stopped turning. There was no sound. There was only myself and this man standing over me…and I could not see his face because he was silhouetted in the light behind him.

“Why have you done this to me? Haven’t I been good enough for you? I’m not a bad man! I don’t rape or kill or molest kids! What the hell do you want?

I want you to love me.
“Alright how? Tell me what to do!”
I want you to change your heart. I want you to take the blessings I have given you and pass them to my brother on the street. I want YOU to change yourself and until you do, this will be your life.

“Where do I start?”
He pointed up the street and pointed to a man and said, “start with him.”

I looked down the street and saw a man running…Head down, braced against the wind and the cold, trying to get in an office door. He was holding his briefcase in one hand and his hat on the head with his other. There was something familiar about him but I couldn’t place what it was. As he ducked into the alcove I ducked in there with him.
“Sir..I’m cold!”
He ignored me and went inside to the warmth of the building saying something to the guard in passing.

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