Lunch Time Sunshine

There was a time when the shine of the sun could not give me warmth. I was a cold, broken, no shattered being. At times I did not even realize I was locked in a spiritual arctic wasteland. Other times I felt like I would never find my way out.

Now, today, the sun brings an involuntary smile to my face and the warmth reaches my very soul. Finally I have learned when I feel cold, broken, even shattered and it looks like there is no way out… I need to only turn towards the Son.

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3 Responses to Lunch Time Sunshine

  1. Terry says:

    I will try it, because ever since Al passed, I am struggling to see the sun

  2. kim sargent says:

    I love this!!!!❤ you know I know! You are doing some awesome writing! You went thru the fire n came out golden!

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