You’re Welcome….Thank You ( to my siblings)

Today is our mothers birthday. She would have been eighty-seven today. There is no thank you needed for doing what I should have so obviously done. I truly believe God put me in a place in my tumultuous life to be right there at that exact time.

While being a familial caregiver takes it’s toll on the individual providing the care it also provides ONLY that individual the rewards. The private moments. The intimacies that no one else will ever know about. The great struggles and the small successes that mean so much. The smile or the look of gratitude in their eyes that express an emotion that no words can capture.

Although one may sacrifice their health. Strip the emotions raw. The price is so very small to pay. Just to hear the words in the still of the night as you lay half awake in case they need you….Nighty Night…I love You…

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9 Responses to You’re Welcome….Thank You ( to my siblings)

  1. 2busy4a925 says:

    So true. So very true…and with no regrets.

    • No…no regrets. Well…I wish I had one more day…but my time will come

      • 2busy4a925 says:

        But, we know we did everything we could in the time we had. I’m sure there will always be some things that come to mind that we can second guess ourselves, but we did what we could, with what we had at the time. We should have no regrets. I know
        I think of all the little things, things that didn’t seem like anything at the time, but now… they bring a smile to my face. That’s something no one else has. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, they don’t have those small memories. I’m so thankful for them.

      • I know I did everything that could be done…I just miss them. And you are so right. The memories I garnered for all those long hours, days, weeks, and years without a break are worth everything that I may have given up…and more.

  2. Terry says:

    I totally agree with you

  3. The love and tenderness you showed them for almost a decade was incredible. You were their angel. You are our angel. Your siblings adore you. Especially me.

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