they sat in judgment of Him and convicted Him with lies
He was sentenced to be scourged
to hang on the cross until He died
we heard the cries of his mother
as they spit upon Him and threw stones
and we heard the crack of the whip
as it tore His flesh away from bone.
i don’t know how He took it
why He wasn’t already dead
then they wrapped him in a robe
and put thorns upon His head
they lined the streets and jeered at Him
they laughed when He fell
then He staggered to His feet
and continued up the hill
they nailed Him to the cross
i heard the hammer ring
i knew that it would not be long
before He felt deaths sting
He suffered the humility
He suffered through the pain
and heads still bow and knees still
bend at the mention of His name
some believe He died that day
suffering on that hill
but two thousand years later
He lives within us still

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8 Responses to RISE

  1. Irene Locke says:

    I love it and I love you. Happy Easter

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. 2busy4a925 says:

    You got that right, thank God for Jesus! He died so that we might have eternal life. Happy Resurrection Day (Easter) to you.

  3. kim sargent says:

    Praise God!!❤

  4. kim sargent says:

    Praise God!!❤ without this all we would never find the way!

  5. Kim says:

    Amen…This is such an accurate account! His mom having to watch this…….Him having to endure this….Wow…no words…Thank HIM n thank you for this perspective!😘

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