We Are There

When there is jubilation in the room as life is pushed from the womb

We are there.

If your child scrapes his chin or the bone sticks through the skin

We are there.

If you are lying in the road under a car that somehow rolled

We are there

When the soldier cries out and falls we will crawl through it all

We are there

When your fathers in the bed and before you get there he’ll be dead

We are there

When the grief is too much to bear and you need a shoulder to share

We are there

When it’s your time to go take comfort and always know

We are there

Sometimes when we get home and we’re sitting all alone

We may cry or  we may just stare

Our God made us this way so we get up every day and give

And our gift is care.

Eddie Deeb


Union County Nursing Home

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4 Responses to We Are There

  1. Terry says:

    Reminds me of myself when I was caring for Al. Good work!

  2. kim sargent says:

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