Right Here. Right Now.

A friend of mine posted these words and I immediately thought, how simple, yet how profound.

What if we lived our lives with that mantra. Life is right here. Right now. It is not about our past accomplishments or past failures. It is about today. This moment in time. It is about how and what impact we have on those around us. One action or reaction can have an indelible imprint on others lives and we might never be aware that it has happened.

What if we loved the same way. Right here. Right now. How much more respect and passion would be poured into our relationships if we didn’t let the past be a part of the present or inhibit our future because of fear.

Working in a nursing home presents many opportunities for ” right here. right now”. That is all someone stricken with Alzheimer’s has. They don’t have yesterday and tomorrow never comes for them.

In fact, the only time they can grasp yesterday is when they are laying in their beds .Their chest does not rise often and you hold their hand and whisper to them, “It’s ok to let go. You are safe. And the angels are here to embrace you. Right here. Right now.

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4 Responses to Right Here. Right Now.

  1. Terry says:

    I have the most difficult time, because I live with the past memories and wish I would have done this or that. I liked your post

  2. Patti Jones says:

    Beautiful post. So happy to see you writing again.

  3. Kim Sargent says:

    This is so true! Today is what we have! You are becoming very wise in your golden years!😉 thats awesome!

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