Smile Martha Smile

When I was a little boy jumping off the stool
I would do anything just to get a smile out of you
Then I was a soldier floating on the clouds
jumping out of airplanes just to make you proud
I never made you happy and I never knew your pain
but I would give anything to try to make you smile again
Now I am an old man there’s nothing left to do
I hope I can make you smile the next time I see you

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1 Response to Smile Martha Smile

  1. Ain says:

    Darling, I can assure you she is free of all pain and burden. She was the ultimate mother in the way she protected all of her children from the world even at her own expense. We were blessed with great parents that made many personnel sacrifices for the sake of their family. They wanted us to always see the good in people.
    As a little boy, your Red Skelton, Crazy Gukinheimer imitation kept everybody in stitches, especially since you were tongue tied!😘She WILL be smiling !!!

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