Thank you for taking the time to visit . I am a fifty something year old man living in middle Georgia , U.S.A.

You will find a wide range of topics within these pages for I have worn a variety of hats in my life . The one I am currently wearing is that of end of life care giver for my father who is in the final stages of Parkinson’s Disease .

My family describes me as ” colorful ” . My VA psychiatrist describes me as ” interesting ” . My preacher describes me as ” salvageable “. I am curious to know what you think . Please leave a comment , question , or advice after reading. I will respond. Thank you again and enjoy the journey.

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  1. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. I almost feel the need to apologize as these “chain awards” can be quite time consuming if you respond to them. Feel free to completely ignore the rules of official acceptance. Just know that I’m glad you’re blogging and hope this helps even more folks to find you. http://trophydaughter.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/liebster-award/

    • Well how sweet can you be ?! Thank you for the confidence and the nomination(I think). I did look at your link and saw where the first step was to thank the person who nominated you so let me say it again. Thank you. I am curious as to how you found my blog. I also LOVE your categories! They are very similar to mine , especially the care giving. I tried to leave a comment on one of them but did not see that as an option. I did however start following your blog. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Lila says:

    You are definitely dynamic, aware, also very kind and welcoming.
    Peaceful vibe here.

    Love & Peace,

  3. And you are certainly very gracious. I’m humbled. Thank you.

  4. terry1954 says:

    I had to put my brother in a nursing home in Nov 2012 for Parkinson’s. I had been caring for him for five years. Then he fell so often and he wanted to die so badly. I needed more help than just me. I hated placing him but I do go see him about every other day. He is also mildly mentally challenged, and is a heart patient. To me is too young for all of this. He is 57

    • I was fortunate enough to be at a place in my life that I could care for my father. Of course it is a completely different situation than you find yourself in and I applaud you and am amazed at your fortitude. My father was diagnosed at 56 years old. I will be 54 in May. He was also a marathon runner and his excellent physical condition aloud him to be ambulatory and cognizant up until about 5 years ago There is a lady who has a blog on word press. kaitlnroland is the way it is listed. It is solely about Parkinson’s and extremely informative. If you can not find it you will find her responses to some of post. please try to read her blog. It may help . God bless you , your brother and his caregivers.

  5. sandrabranum says:

    I lived across the driveway from my parents from 1988 – 2002 when Mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Now I live in the Dothan, AL area because her property was sold due to the required Medicare “spend down” when she was moved to a nursing home; so trust me when I say The Lord works in mysterios ways. Regards, Sandra

  6. I read your page on the pit bull and started following then came and read your about page, what I said about you being a guardian angel amongst we mere mortals is even more verified now! 🙂
    God Bless and I hope we can become great blogging friends.

  7. Teeny Bikini says:

    I think “interesting” is a compliment. At least that’s what I think when they say it to me…. 😉 Hello, Georgia.

  8. Great to connect with you! 🙂

  9. Tricia Forster says:

    your amazing mind shines!!

    • Why thank you so much!!! And thank you for reading!

      • Tricia Forster says:

        well… It hasn’t been that long! Well, maybe it has. Still think of you all the time. Thinking has had to suffice, since you seemed to vanish! Kudos for saving the boy. Being the “protector” was always your strong suit. Would love to get together and catch up! I am so very sorry to here about your parents. I always loved the sparkle in your eye when you talked about them.

        Make yourself Accessible!

        So very proud of what you are doing!

        Always your friend,

  10. Trish. Are you Trish Bostick?

  11. Esther Wang says:


    My name is Esther and I am with an organization called Caring Across Generations – we are a movement of caregivers and family members who are coming together to change our nation’s culture around aging and caregiving. I have been reading your blog and I think that you have a beautiful story to share.

    I wanted to ask if you would partner with Caring Across for our upcoming Grandparents Day campaign (Grandparents Day will be on Sunday, September 8). Through this campaign, we hope to honor and celebrate grandparents and to facilitate cultural change that will enable families to open up the conversation around aging and care.

    We are relying on grandparents and caregivers like you to help us spread the word about Grandparents Day and to share your own stories with us. Between August 22 and September 8, we would like to ask you to:

    Write a blog post about your grandparent, or about your experience as a grandparent. Possible topics are: a fond memory or a funny story about your grandparent, or lessons and advice from grandparents to their children or grandchildren.
    • Please send me an email at esther@caringacrossgenerations.org when you publish your GP Day blog post so that I can make sure to share it on the Caring Across website!

    Tweet or post on Facebook using the hashtag #granecdote. We hope to collect thousands of stories about grandparents by tracking the #granecdote hashtag. Here are some sample tweets/posts:
    • Just sent a postcard to grandma for #GrandparentsDay for free! Create & send your personalized card at caringacross.org/gpday!
    • [Insert story about or advice from grandparent] #granecdote Share yours at caringacross.org/gpday!

    We will happily share your blog post and #granecdotes through Caring Across’ social media channels, as well as host your blog post on our site!

    To learn more about us, check out the Caring Across website and facebook page. Our Grandparents Day landing page (caringacross.org/gpday) will launch on August 22nd. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you and collaborating for Grandparents Day!


    • Esther I am honored that you have asked me to share my wonderful grandparents with the world. I was certainly blessed to have had those special people as part of my life. I have already written about them in a couple of post. MATRIARCHS and WELL ROUNDED. I will write one specifically for Grandparents Day, though. Thank you for reading.

  12. I’ll be back to read more – have wandered around your blog a bit and enjoyed it. I am the youngest of the extended family and many relatives were very old (family lives well above 90 yrs and many over 100) so I’ve always been around old people – in rural areas, “relatives” we visited watched over weren’t always even relatives. A different way of looking at life. Glad to meet you.

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