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Something In Yellow

In a conversation the other day with a resident, she was telling me how much she enjoyed painting. She is, in my opinion, an accomplished artist. I told her how envious I was of people who could capture an image … Continue reading

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My Last Hero

It was hot but we didn’t seem to notice. There was the laughter of children, the smell of good food, and the eager greetings of family and friends filling the air. Once a year our family gathers. There was roughly … Continue reading

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The Run

 Since his retirement every day began the same way. He would wake before the sun rose, put on his running shoes and shorts, and was out the door. He loved this time of the day above all others. The world was still … Continue reading

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What About Love

In the wake of Valentines Day I felt the need to examine what is important in my life. I live alone. I have no significant other. There is no one that I WANT to be with. I don’t even have … Continue reading

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February The 16TH

It has been awhile since I have written. This is a very important day in my history. February 16. 1988 my wife got into the car with my 9 month old child and said she was going to the store. … Continue reading

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from me to You

I wanted to take this time to thank You. I want to thank You for this life You have given me. I want thank You for the cool fresh air that fills my lungs. I want to thank You for the trees … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning

Sunday mornings seem to carry a certain aura for me. I don’t know why, or how, they just do. The world seems to be at peace with itself on Sunday morning. Some of it is for obvious reasons. There is … Continue reading

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