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Standing At The Altar

Yesterday my two sisters drove up from Macon to visit me in Blairsville. A round trip of 500 miles just to spend a night and a day with me in the mountains. We sat around last night reminiscing over the … Continue reading

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The Renaissance

Most people associate the term “renaissance ” with a particular time or period of art. What it actually means is an awakening or a rebirth. This is the renaissance period of my life. This is the time when I spread my … Continue reading

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Lift Your Eyes

It has been awhile since I have either had the ability or the inclination to write. I have been in the mountains for some time and presently I do not have internet access there…or television…or newspapers. Once I move there permanently I will … Continue reading

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Today I went to replace a lost Social Security Card. Not because I wanted to but because the state of Georgia requires you present THE card when you “renew” your drivers license. They also require you to have a birth … Continue reading

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I know it has been awhile. Life has been a bit chaotic here and to tell the truth I just can not write in this house. My siblings and myself are trying to clear out this house and prepare it … Continue reading

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Ode To A Crepe Myrtle Tree

It was planted in a place Assigned for me to mow It was small and vulnerable Set in a lonely place to grow I got to close and in a snap it was gone I turned and looked back at … Continue reading

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Just Like You

It is so easy to lose ourselves within ourselves. It is so easy to confuse being abandoned with being alone. It is so easy to think we stand alone. And it is so easy to think ” I can fix … Continue reading

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The word alone brings so many faces to my mind. With this Mothers Day approaching I have been reflecting on the matriarchs that have been present and influential in my life. There have been my grandmothers which I probably hold … Continue reading

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What The Funk?

I do not know what is wrong with me. I am stuck in some kind of funk I can’t seem to get of. There is no reason that I should be feeling like this. Life is good. I just spent … Continue reading

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Next Monday I will be going to California to visit my son for a week. I can not begin to tell you how high my already high anxiety is going to be. I guess the first point of anxiety is … Continue reading

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