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The Migration: Geese-Children-Parents

Every evening they come Every morning they go Running towards the sun Running away from the snow They bring their young They must leave the old The young will return The weak die in the cold This is the cycle … Continue reading

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Well Rounded

No. This is not another post about my girth. This is a post about diversity in family. My extended family is something to behold and I mean that in the best way possible. Let me start with my parents. My … Continue reading

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Date Night

Yesterday was a good day. I had some reservations as to what to expect because I had been awake most of the night before. We , being my mother and myself , have been in a bit of a funk … Continue reading

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It’s Sunday…Again. This has become a day of great debate for myself. On one hand I long for the fellowship and companionship of going to church. On the other I simply can’t see myself walking in and scaring the hell … Continue reading

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Full Circle

It is certainly interesting , to say the least , the way life plays out. So many things seem to be destined or connected that it is difficult not to believe in some greater design. Just in my life I … Continue reading

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A Mothers Love

You taught me so many wonderful things You taught me so many songs to sing Amazing Grace and In The Upper Room About a redeeming love that would not stay in the tomb You told me this prison is of … Continue reading

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One Last Time

I just can not find the words to begin to describe this past week. We knew my fathers , Tata’s time on this earth was nearing it’s end. The family had gathered and the vigil had begun. It was ¬†however, … Continue reading

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What’s The Worst That Could Happen

The other night , around 11p.m. , I was trying to doze off when I heard my father shout in his sleep. I sat straight up and wide eyed not knowing what was wrong. Then again he shouted,” SOUND OFF!!” … Continue reading

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…More Than You Can Handle

Everyone is familiar with the saying that God will never give you more than you can handle. The problem here is God obviously has a lot more confidence in me than I do in myself. Last Thursday morning my mother … Continue reading

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I wonder , as I’m sure many do , what really is waiting on the other side ? I know it will be glorious. But as I watch my fathers decline in this world I can not but imagine what … Continue reading

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