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Sunset paints the sky red Fade to black the day is dead Diamonds on velvet black as night Hole in the sky Full moon is bright Nightmares and dreams Are what sleep brings Demons and screams And angels on wing … Continue reading

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Where I must go I must go alone It is a world away yet I never leave home I wish you could come so you could see what I see The forest and the lake I call Tranquility I close … Continue reading

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A Mothers Love

You taught me so many wonderful things You taught me so many songs to sing Amazing Grace and In The Upper Room About a redeeming love that would not stay in the tomb You told me this prison is of … Continue reading

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January the fifth of this year my father left his Parkinson’s ravaged body behind and joined his family, his friends , his Lord and his dog in heaven. I am so happy for him yet I miss him terribly. I … Continue reading

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The Door

I woke with a start bathed in sweat from the dream Slowly I looked around silently I screamed Surrounded by walls, no windows or doors A low ceiling above and below cold stone floors What is this place? What have … Continue reading

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