Beginning And End

Isn’t it odd how sometimes we find ourselves in the same place that we were perhaps years ago? It has happened to me many times. I have even written about it before in a post titled Full Circle. While I was examining the year 2014 I realize it has happened again.

As a senior in high school I worked at a psychiatric hospital. That job evolved into one of the most personally rewarding experiences I have had. I shared part of that experience in a post titled, And The World Smiled. Now nearly four decades later I am in almost the same place.

Working with elderly brings just as much satisfaction. There is so much joy and laughter. There are also many tears. I have had so many different jobs in the last four decades…searching for something that I had already found.

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5 Responses to Beginning And End

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  2. Terry says:

    You make a good point. New Year’s eve brings sometimes wild resolutions, but like you and me, I am still in the medical field. When I am home I like comfy clothes. Barefoot in summer, still love to eat, still too over-weight. I guess I make small changes but mostly I am still where I am supposed to be. Happy New Year dear friend

  3. 2busy4a925 says:

    Your writings make me think you must be a very good person with a big heart.

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