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Patience is stretched thin With all their wants and needs. It’s time to get them up again Sit them down, begin the feed Their rooms are always hot Sometimes it’s hard to breathe. Glancing at the clock a lot It’s … Continue reading

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Leaving Alzheimer’s Behind

I wish I had the chance to know you, but you were already trapped inside. I wish that just once, I could have seen the color of your eyes. I wish I could have made you laugh, maybe even sing. … Continue reading

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The Migration: Geese-Children-Parents

Every evening they come Every morning they go Running towards the sun Running away from the snow They bring their young They must leave the old The young will return The weak die in the cold This is the cycle … Continue reading

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The Well

I sit to write but nothing comes out Apparently I’m experiencing a creative drought I stare at the black and the white of the keys and the only thing I feel is that they are staring back at me I … Continue reading

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Ode To A Crepe Myrtle Tree

It was planted in a place Assigned for me to mow It was small and vulnerable Set in a lonely place to grow I got to close and in a snap it was gone I turned and looked back at … Continue reading

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Fangs and jaws Snarling at the head Blood everywhere and The blood is so red I close my ears but still hear the screams I am not asleep This isn’t a dream Standing he reaches With arms open wide I … Continue reading

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Treys Song

In 1989 my wife disappeared with my child. He was nine months old at the time. The next time I saw him he was eighteen months old. A toddler with a vocabulary. I would not have known him if I … Continue reading

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