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Ode To A Crepe Myrtle Tree

It was planted in a place Assigned for me to mow It was small and vulnerable Set in a lonely place to grow I got to close and in a snap it was gone I turned and looked back at … Continue reading

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High Anxiety

Next Monday I will be going to California to visit my son for a week. I can not begin to tell you how high my already high anxiety is going to be. I guess the first point of anxiety is … Continue reading

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All In The Family

It has been brought to my attention that I have neglected to shine the light onto some of the darker aspects of family. I’m speaking, obviously of in laws. I am sure everyone has their own horror stories about rude … Continue reading

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A Decision That Weighs Heavily

It’s Sunday…Again. This has become a day of great debate for myself. On one hand I long for the fellowship and companionship of going to church. On the other I simply can’t see myself walking in and scaring the hell … Continue reading

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Recluses And Caregivers

Recluses-noun; a person who lives a solitary life and tends to avoid other people. It seems now like it was some other person or a previous life but at one time I was an extremely social individual. I enjoyed almost … Continue reading

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What’s The Worst That Could Happen

The other night , around 11p.m. , I was trying to doze off when I heard my father shout in his sleep. I sat straight up and wide eyed not knowing what was wrong. Then again he shouted,” SOUND OFF!!” … Continue reading

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Chicken On Turkey Day

Our family practices the traditional Thanksgiving dinner every year. It consist of just the immediately family which numbers about a dozen people give or take a few. Cooking assignments are given out and everybody brings plenty of food and hearty … Continue reading

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